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Duffy Park

C.   Permits:

(1)    Field permit fees (practice).

(a)    Resident:                          $20 (for two hours)

(b)    Nonresident:                  $40 (for two hours)

(c)    Resident:                          $30 (for three hours)

(d)   Nonresident:                   $60 (for three hours)

(2)    Field permits (seasonal).

(a)    Resident:                          $400

(b)    Nonresident                      $800

(3)    Park permits (events –daily).

(a)    Resident:                          $50

(b)    Nonresident:                     $100

   An application for a daily or seasonal recreation permit shall be made to the Director of Recreation. Teams enrolled with the Perth Amboy Office of Recreation and will receive permits with set dates and times (according to schedule).

D.   Night lights in parks (per night):

(1)    Residents:                                $25

(2)    Nonresidents:                          $50