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Redevelopment Agency

In March 1997, the City created the Perth Amboy Redevelopment Agency (PARA) and adopted a redevelopment plan, FOCUS 2000, to revitalize almost 1,500 acres within the city. PARA was charged with developing and implementing the redevelopment plan within the City in conjunction with the City's Special Improvement District and Urban Enterprise Zone.

Through over $1 billion in private investment within the City, PARA's efforts to date have directly resulted in:
  • The construction and implementation of numerous redevelopment projects, generating over $15 million in additional tax revenue and over 3,000 much-needed jobs for the residents of the City.
  • Environmental remediation of over 500 acres of contaminated property throughout the City, some of which is considered “legacy” contamination in that is has been left unaddressed for many years.
  • The provision of more than 20 acres of open space for the public’s enjoyment.
Current redevelopment projects will result in an additional 300 acres remediated, creating thousands of jobs and bringing in a little over $500 million dollars of new investment in the City within the next years. Its ongoing efforts include additional residential, retail and commercial/industrial projects throughout the City with a focus on job creation and more sustainable growth geared to transit riders.

Over the past 20+ years, the City's FOCUS 2000 redevelopment plan progressed from a general citywide planning tool to a design and implementation phase initiative. Since 2016, the entire FOCUS 2000 plan has been updated (now FOCUS 2020) to reflect current market conditions, a new vision for the City, and compliance with today's standards for planning and development. The FOCUS 2020 plan—adopted in 2018 and made available on this webpage—will assist PARA in smart, attractive, sustainable development.

A. Created. Pursuant to the Redevelopment Law, the City hereby creates a body corporate and politic to be known as the "Perth Amboy Redevelopment Agency" which shall constitute a redevelopment entity contemplated and provided for in the aforesaid Redevelopment Law, as an agency or instrumentality of the City of Perth Amboy.

B. Membership. Pursuant to the Redevelopment Law, there shall be seven (7) Commissioners of the Redevelopment Agency appointed by the City Council. No more than two (2) Commissioners shall be officers or employees of the City. Commissioners shall serve for a term of five (5) years. The initial Commissioners shall be appointed to staggered terms pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:12A-11(a). [Amended 3-8-2017 by Ord. No. 1831-2017]

See more here at Section § 99-3

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Redevelopment Agency
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