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We all cherish the beautiful parks and open spaces in our city, and it's up to each and every one of us to keep them clean, safe, and enjoyable for everyone.

🗑️ Dispose of waste responsibly: Use the designated trash bins for all your litter, and if you can't find one nearby, hold onto it until you do. Leave no trace behind!
🤫 Mind the noise: Respect the tranquility of the park and be mindful of noise levels. Keep the volume down and allow others to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
🐾 Leash and clean up after your pets: If you bring your furry friends along, make sure to keep them on a leash and clean up after them.
📢 Follow park rules and regulations: Familiarize yourself with the park specific rules and adhere to them. They are in place to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment.
💪 Get involved: Join  the Green Team for clean up events.

Let's make a positive impact and leave our parks better than we found them.
Share your park experiences using #LoveYourParkLeaveYourMark and let's inspire others to join the movement!
🌳🌸 #LoveYourParkLeaveYourMark #CleanAndSafeParks #CommunityEngagement

Listing of the 24 City of Perth Amboy Parks

  • Sadowski Parkway Waterfront Park – 105 Sadoswki Parkway  
  • Ronald W. Spevack Tennis Courts – 41 Brighton Ave.
  • Caledonia Park – 65 High St.
  • Bayview Park – 250 Water St.
  • Neal J Lucy Park (Lucey) – 149 William St.
  • City Hall Circle Park – Market Square 
  • Francis St. Park – 966-972 Francis St.
  • Albert G. Waters Stadium – 761 Francis St.
  • Stanley P. Rudyk Park – 820 State St.
  • Dalton Park – 670 Chamberlain Ave. & 659 Franklin Dr.
  • Truxton Drive Playground – 1080 Truxton Dr.
  • Columbus Circle Playground – 679 Columbus Cir.
  • Washington Park – 660 New Brunswick Ave.
  • Memorial Youth League Complex – 617 Dorothy Ave.
  • Seaman St. Playground – 454-470 Seaman Ave.
  • Patrick Duffy Park – Clement St
  • Harborside Waterfront Park (Marina)
  • Harborside Waterfront Park (Water St)
  • Harborside Waterfront Park (Front St)
  • Harborside Walkway & Parking Lots
  • Willow Pond Park – 670 Pfeiffer Blvd.
  • Patten Center Park – 339 Reade St.
  • Bike Trail – Hall Ave. /Pulaski Ave.
  • Borinqueneer Park- 2nd Street- Coming Soon!  For more information, click here